Leah Got Wood By Faith Rius

One day while Faith was masturbating, Leah got wood. She could no longer help herself! She watched as Faith shlicked her juicy CUTE clit. She approached Faith which startled her and made her pee everywhere on the floor and on Woody too. Being renched in her urine made her hornier than ever! Leah: "Faith Senpai! I'm here and I want to lick the INSIDE OF YOU." Faith: "Oh Leah Chan! I always knew you were there! I want to make you lick my CUTE pussy!"
Leah grabbed a bunch of flavored lube and rubbed it all around her clit Leah: "Oh my! It's cherry flavored lube! Cherry is my favorite!" Leah then stuffered her tongue front up into Faith's tight pussy! The other crewmembers around the room watched intently as Leah shoved her tongue up and down in Faith's nice vagina, continously making a squishy wet noise.
The other crewmembers also became aroused and they all gathered around Leah and Faith and started to urinate all over them, and then they started to masturbate. Faith: Oh my goodness, Leah Chan! You are churning my insides up so well! Your tongue is stimulating my womb! OH YES!"
All the other crew became so aroused by this, that they could not help themselves anymore! They pushed their dicks completely inside Faith, and they all came inside them. All fo them wanted to be inside Faith's nice drippy clit. Faith: "No wait guys! My pussy cannot hold this much! I'm getting so full!"
All the crew came inside of poor squirming Faith and pretty much, she was beyond full, and ejaculated from having her womb completely satisfied. The captain came inside and found Faith, ahegao'd with a huge cum stain on her clit, with a HUGE womb full of semen.