Volkisch Esotericism By Viktor

The case for eugenics is one that tragically needs to be made. Despite living in an age of technological advancement, we find our society slipping back into neolithic levels of human interaction, as a result of our tragically archaic vews of race and gender. There is withing the modern Western Liberal Order, a prevailing disinterest with the truth, a truth which for many thousands of years, parhaps since the dawn of mankind itself, has remained unquestioned. This is the simple concept, of different people, not being the same. We find ourselves forbidden to even consider, that parhaps, not all people are carbon copies of one another, and that indeed, this should play a serious part in the determination of their role in society. It is the will of the Liberal Order, to pretend and silence it's way into reality, a completely nonesensical premise. The premise that all inequality can be explained away as being a product of oppression, and that under no circumstances may it ever be infered, that poverty, viole