Moth Cock By Anonymous

When they heard the boom, they were just barely out of the blast radius. Operatives Priscilla Cheyenne and Motho Mothreen were the only survivors of Operation Deposit Box. As the Infiltrator docked back at motherbase, Priscilla caught her breath as best she could. "Too close... Too close." she said, disengaging her helmet. She and Motho stepped out of the Infiltrator, taking off their suits to reveal otherwise casual clothing. They both sat down at the bar, catching their breaths.
So.. what do we do now?" Priscilla asked the moth. Motho turned toward her, already knowing what she wanted. "Anything-" As soon as Priscilla heard "Anything", she put her hand onto Motho's pants and leaned in to kiss the moth. Motho undid Priscilla's shirt as she kissed him, and started to fondle her breasts, pleasuring the girl. She let out a light moan in the moth's mouth as it played with her tits, and she started to pull the moth's pants down to reveal his bulging underwear.
The moth broke the kiss to take off his underwear revealing his pink moth cock. "Play with it as you wish." he said to her, still fondling her soft breasts. Priscilla started to jerk the moth's succulent dick off eagerly, going back in for the kiss. "It's like nothing I've ever felt before..." She said, before beginning to kiss the moth again. Priscilla jerked the moth until she could feel his pre-cum leak onto her hand. "Let me slurp that up for you." she said as she began to lean into the moth's dick and begin sucking. "Aa-aaah Priscilla..." The moth was beyond pleasured, and began moaning. "Priscilla you s-saint.." Priscilla kept sucking the moth's dick deeper deeper into her mouth. "Priscillaaaaa..." the moth called out, ejaculating into her mouth. Priscilla's mouth flooded with the moth's thick, hot semen, and she slowly retracted from the moth's cock, swallowling a large load of his cum. She wiped the remaining cum from her mouth and said, "Haven't had fun inawhile?" The moth nodded to her, slightly embarassed. "No shame in not having some love every now and then. Besides, we have a day until reinforcements arrive. We can do this any time you waaaant~" She traced a finger down Motho's chest, fondling one of her boobs. "I'm going to wash up, and then we can resume. Alright sweetie?~" Priscilla said as she stood up, heading to the bathroom.
"God, the things I would do to keep her." The moth said to himself silently as Priscilla entered the bathroom. The moth quickly stood up and took off his shirt and waited patiently for his lover to return.