Syndicate Studies I By Syndicate Bioscience Division

Moths are a curious scientific subject to most. Moth anatomy by researchers has shown that there are many similiarities to mothmen and humans. Most Moth organs are identical to a human's such as the heart or lungs, and have normal gentalia aswell. Moths are not compund eyes, surprisingly, they merely look like compound eyes. A moth sees through a single area in the center of their eyes, much like a human. Moths usually live extended social lives, cooperating with most everyone, especially their own kind. Curiously, moths seem to emit pheromones that attract other races to them, causing most to like moths extremely. Sexual attraction toward mothman co-workers has been recorded in about 98% of female operatives. Most mothmen appear to basically be incapable of harming eachother, assisting eachother until the bitter nuclear end. Mothmen, however, seem to have bitter rivallry against flypeople, fights usually break out against them on recorded stations.
Moths specialize in botanical and social occupations, making them ideal gardeners and diplomats.

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