YobiXMaxwell By Faith Rius

Yobi looked up as Maxwell passed him, "Long time no see." he uttered. Maxwell stopped in his tracks and turned toward Yobi, a mixed look of surprise and anger. "Short time no hear, however..." Maxwell grudgingly said, already turning around on him. "Come on Maxy, that's all in the past, I've changed, honest!" Yobi approached Maxwell, arms wide open as if ready for a hug. He was pushed back by Maxwell's Kendrick-stained arms onto the floor. "You've not changed a bit, Yobi, you're still the bastard you've always been and always will be." Maxwell walked down the hall as Yobi got up, brushing dust off his jumpsuit. Yobi sprang after Maxwell after he got up, pulling a stunbaton out of his backpack. He harmbatoned Maxwell in the head, giving him a light concussion and a floornap. Yobi pulled an implanter outside of his pocket, a greater mindslave implant to be exact, and injected Maxwell with it, before dragging him off into maintenance.
When Maxwell awoke, he was in Cabin #2. He was tied to the bed with cable ties and was butt-naked. Sitting by him was Yobi, smirking at him. "About time you woke up, Maxy." he said. "WHA-" Maxwell was cut off by Yobi issuing a command. "Slave, do not resist!" he shouted. Maxwell nodded at Yobi, chanting "Yes master..." Yobi smiled as he got onto the bed, Maxwell doing nothing but staring at him. He said "Do you know what I'm g-" Before he could finish his sentance, the door to the cabin was blasted open, a large figure tromping through the once-was door. "WE CALL THIS A DIFFICULTY TWEAK" they figure said, raising a weapon. It was a Deathsquad Trooper, and the weapon was a NT-ARG Boarder Assault Rifle. Before Yobi could react, the trooper fired, piercing through Yobi and hitting Maxwell dead-on. Yobi slumped over onto Maxwell, both of them dead. THE ENDAdultLuv you Maxwel <3