Lisa Gets Banned By Papa Boner

As Lisa Green struggled agaisnt her restraints in the Brig, she shot daggers at the borg who had dragged her in. Her crimes: Faggotry agaisnt humanity. "Before I a-help, any last words?" the head of security asked her. She opened her mouth to speak, but instead began to choke as the clown's 20 kilometer johnson lodged itself firmly in her throat.
"Thats what I thought" he gloated before disapearing out the door, the clown sputtering curses as he grabbed Lisa's tits and rammed in out of her, each thrust puntucationed by a HONK! The clown, being the prankster he was, suddenly pulled out a cream pie from his backpack, and smashed in into Lisa's face as he came. Lisa choked trying to struggle out of the clowns grip, but eventually, shamefully succumed, swallowing the clown's bannana flavored load.