The Gangsta Bible By N Dog

John 7:1-20

You gots heard dat it wuz said, *Ye shall not commit adultrey, 5:28 but I tell ya dat brothas who gazes at uh biotch wiff lust afta her has committed adultery wiff her already in his heart.

If ya chillin' wid ya homies, why do ya see da speck dat iz in yo' brudda's eye? but don' consider da beam datz in yo' own eye? Jigga, you bitchazz hypocrite! "Beware o' da scribes! Who like ta walk in long phat robes, an' git greetings in da marketplaces, and in da bomb seats at da synagogues, an' da tight places at feasts: bu' know not at' da love o' uf me.

"What da dilly yo? How will we enter da crib of God? Fo it iz not ice and bling bling dat' may allow chew ta enter da crib uf God. But of faith to the J to the G oh D. Wiff what whack parable will we's illustrate it? Fo' Surely da pimps, playhataz and thugz be casted down wiffin' da pitz uh Satan where he will pop a cap up dey azz. But fo' doze who be representin' me and mah